The Network uses multiple strategies to build the movement around VAW in the region including enhancing member organizations’ feminist analysis of VAW, fostering solidarity between and among members, and increasing activism at the individual and organizational levels to prevent VAW.

The work of the Network focuses on three, interconnected levels: individual (personal), organizational and collective:

1. Inspire Individual Activism among Members in the HESA region to prevent VAW.

The Network fuels a spirit of activism among individual members through a stronger understanding of feminist concepts, a supportive professional network of activists and like-minded colleagues, and the courage to speak out and act against injustice. We do this through a process called Member Rethink and Reenergize (R&R) and social media campaigns.

2. Foster a Politicized Group of Organizations doing VAW Work in The Horn, East, and Southern Africa (HESA).

We collaborate with HESA organizations to build a shared understanding of VAW from a feminist perspective to create critical consciousness, inspire action and increase connection among members. We do this through processes such as Get Moving! and In Her Shoes

3. Build Collective Activism and Fostering Movement Building among Organizations.

We engage in activities at the collective level to build an inspired, cohesive VAW movement. Our 16 Days campaign spearheads a feminist-infused regional campaign through both physical and electronic kit distributions across HESA.