We aim to strengthen the ecosystem for activist-led, feminist informed, effective VAW prevention. Our engagements with members and decision makers help build a shared analysis on VAW across funding, policy, and programming spaces.

Our focus is grounded in key values:

  • We believe that the experiences, voices, and leadership of women and girls should be centered in work to end violence against women.
  • We believe that the root cause of violence against women is men’s power over women.
  • We believe all people have a right to live free from violence.
  • We believe in the power of prevention to transform power dynamics and create safer communities.
  • We believe in applying an intersectional analysis, acknowledging that women, in all of their diversity, experience violence differently based on systemic relationships to privilege and oppression.
  • We believe in a holistic approach to preventing VAW–activism may take different forms, but we all have a role we can play.

As we find new ways to foster our activism within, we discover boundless possibilities to join our power with one another as members of a broader, vibrant feminist movement, to build a safer, flourishing future for all women.